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Anticorrosive Coatings

Epoxy Resin has been used for many applications. It can be utilized as binder, coatings, and perfect for general-purpose use. There is a variety of epoxies to meet the industrial needs. They are developed to be safe, effective and economical. Also, the epoxy resins have many advantages such as low shrink, excellent moisture & chemical resistance and long shelf life. They are outstanding for home / commercial / industrial use. Further, they provide clarity, performance, durability and aesthetics. Some other applications include: adhesives, cement & mortars, non-skid coatings, encapsulating media, etc.  

  • Ease of use and cost-effective
  • Impact resistant
  • Offer good electrical properties
  • Enhanced mechanical & fatigue strength
  • Chemically engineered to offer the best results
Acrylic polyurethane coatings are great for building and industrial applications. They show excellent physical/chemical resistance, and other required benefits. The chemical makeup ensures toughness and flexibility, both. These coatings create durable and perfect finishes. Also, the coatings are intended for exterior uses. They are effective for wood, metal, asphalt, plastics, fiberglass, concrete, and other surfaces. The acrylic polyurethane coatings prevent abrasions etc. They offer ease-of-use as well as versatility. They can be used on decks, patios, boats, swimming pools, tennis courts, and other outside surfaces. These coatings are commonly used by industrial professionals.

  • Excellent transparency and chemical-resistant
  • Offer durability as well as sag-resistance
  • Work in even the harshest environments
  • Perfect for industrial, equipment & machinery applications
Chlorinated rubber coatings are chemically inert, and ensure superior film forming properties. They have wide industrial applications and cost benefits. Applied by roller, brush, or spray, they show excellent adhesion over surfaces. These coatings are formulated to withstand the destructive chemical effects. Also, they have proven record of durability as well as longevity. Their films exhibit high resistance to corrosive influences. Chlorinated rubber coatings are great for new as well as existing projects. These are widely utilized in agricultural, leisure, commercial, industrial & healthcare sectors. They are hard-wearing coatings for attractive finishes.

  • Excellent chemical resistance, durable, and versatile.
  • Lasting finish and good value for money.  
  • Easy to apply, and require no maintenance.     
  • A large number of applications – Steel  Structures, Traffic Markings, Swimming pools, High Build Paints, etc.