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Carton Box Making Machines

Our corrugation production lines are designed for automated mass production, high efficiency and quality boards. They incorporate latest and global energy-saving technologies. The significant reduction in power consumption ensures reduced production costs. Great for today's economy, the production lines are used in medium to large sized carton plants. Also, they are excellent in control, safety and reliability. The innovative engineering also offers easy operation & simple maintenance. Our precision machinery lines produce corrugated boards in various sizes and configurations. Also, we offer the right production solutions for different manufacturing conditions. Some main parts include: Motors, Rolling Bearings, Corrugated Rollers, Encoder, PLC Controller, and more.

  • Perfect power, control and accuracy in the production
  • Highly automatic, safe and easy operation
  • An excellent quality/price ratio
  • High processing speed and quality levels
Our rigid box making machines are engineered for high accuracy and mass production. They are used to make special-shaped boxes, plastic boxes, packaging boxes, and other production processes. The automatic machines are developed for all types of rigid boxes. They are practical for many different industries. Also, the machines are recommended for jewelry boxes, gift boxes, watch boxes, cosmetics boxes, and more. They adopt excellent PLC / man-machine control, advanced feeder and conveyor etc. The rigid box making machines are engineered for easy adjusting & accelerated processing. The complete system ensures smooth movement and stable quality

  • Suitable for all rigid boxes automated production
  • Forming boxes in one process, effectively
  • Both, high accuracy & mass production
  • Low failure, high efficient and convenient to control
  • Easy to set and operate – good man-machine interface
Our printer slotter & die cutting machines are designed for high precision and complete process. These are outstanding for die-cutting, slitting, trimming and creasing etc. They incorporate excellent paper feeding system, rotary roller, and automated transverse movement. The machines are engineered for enhanced functional life and heavy duty needs. Also, they can be custom made for needful printing area and paper feeding size etc. With proven engineering, our printing/slotting/die cutting machines offer both quality and cost-effectiveness. There are benefits of easy operation as well as quick change order. Good automation and smooth operating are other key aspects

  • High precision processing and good control
  • User friendly – easy size adjustment etc
  • Low maintenance, simple operation & high efficient
  • Designed for high quality, speed, safety & reliability